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Hufflepuff Quidditch Jumper (3)

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Size: XL
Model: A09221

HARRY POTTER HUFFLEPUFF QUIDDITCH SWEATER 100% LAMBSWOOL Purchase your very own piece of "Harry Potter" Movie Memorabilia and bring the magic and sorcery of Hogwarts home with you from the silver screen with our Officially Licensed Warner Bros. Hufflepuff Quidditch Sweater. Lochaven made the Hogwarts school costumes for the cast and extras throughout the epic Harry Potter film series. We have given you identical sweaters, cardigans and tank tops worn by the actors in the Harry Potter film series. Now purchase the true Hufflepuff Quidditch Sweater with Hufflepuff House embroidery. We use the exact Hufflepuff colours worn by the actors throughout the entire Harry Potter film series. If you have purchased our licensed knitwear before our Hufflepuff Quidditch Sweater will be a perfect colour match.